• JS Moore

    My n.1 pick for custom-made, great sounding, handwound pickups. Excellent prices.

  • Manlius

    Another great, honest pickup winder.

  • Vintage Vibe

    Again great pups. Quite innovative too.

  • Seymour Duncan

    When all else fails, Duncans are still very high quality pups.

  • Hipshot

    Their fixed bridge is great. I'll have to give their tuners a try soon.

  • Stew Mac

    The n.1 stop for guitar building tools and hardware. Great customer service too.

  • Luthiers Mercantile International

    Where I get most of my fingerboards and all my trussrods. Also some relly nice specialty tools. Excellent customer service.

  • Lee Valley

    Woodworker's paradise. My goal in life is not to achieve Nirvana, but rather to own every single item in their catalog.

  • Weber Speakers

    Great speakers (I have a Blue Dog and Silver Bell), excellent, very informative website - and, in my opinion, a model on how to do business on a large(ish) scale nowadays. Ted will very much be missed.

  • Dr. Z

    I have a Carmen Ghia, best bang for the buck in "boutique" handwired amps.

  • Northern Lights Music

    The best little guitar shop in Northern New Hampshire.

  • Hanover Strings

    The other best little guitar shop in Northern New Hampshire.

  • Elderly Instruments

    Big store prices and selection with a Mom and Pop store feel. A nice alternative to the big chains for strings, picks, what have you. Huge selection of instructional books and videos.

  • Wolfmotor Co.

    Developer of this site