Are these guitars made in the USA?

Yes, of course, unless Vermont has seceded from the Union and I haven't heard about it.

Are they handmade?

Yes, by one person. Power tools, obviously, but no CNC.
The carving of the tops and necks is very much all handwork.

Where is your hardware made?

Mostly in the US, with some exceptions being the JS Moore pickups (Canada), Schaller switches (Germany), Gotoh tuners (Japan). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to trace the origin of the smaller parts such as knobs or pickup rings.

Do you build custom guitars?

Yes. Check out the Custom pages for a wide choice of original shapes and an even wider choice of woods.
I can also do more traditional shapes as long as there are no copyright issues.
And yes, we can design something together if you have your own ideas.
There are very few limitations in terms of scale length, fingerboard radius, number of strings - number of necks even. And almost no limitations as far as hardware and electronics go.

Do your guitars also come with fretboard markers? Do you do inlays?

Yes I can do dot markers in various sizes, materials and patterns. I can also do blocks and diamonds.
I don't do fancy inlays.

Do you build guitars with tremolos?

Yes. Standard, knife-edge, Floyd, Kahler, anything you want.

Do you build left-handed guitars?

Yes, at no extra charge.

Why is your shop so dry?

After the guitars leave my shop, I would much rather the wood expand than shrink.
It causes less problems that way.

Why should I buy a handmade guitar?

I don't know for sure. Perhaps for romantic reasons (they are made the old fashioned way, they are unique).
For snobbish reasons (they are more expensive, no one else you know has one).
For ethical reasons (do you really think that those cheap $99 imports are made by highly paid, experienced craftsmen, in comfortable, safe working conditions? With me...well, if there is any whipping going on, rest assured it is purely self-inflicted).
And of course there is quality control...

Can I return it if I don't like it?

Yes, contact me within 24 hours of delivery to make arrangements for a return and a full refund upon inspection (minus shipping charges).

Why Max B guitars?

They are named after my late, beloved dog Maxwell B. Sulser.