Max B guitars are handmade, and have been so since the year 2000, by a lone luthier in the world famous Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Our quest, though one shudders to use such a lofty word, is to zero in on the point where form and function meet. Simplicity, to provide quality, at honest, fair prices that a working musician can afford. All without sacrificing versatility, durability, attention to detail and just the right amount of luxury.

We use only high quality hardware and electronics, mostly from other "small" builders. We also draw from a variety of very unique domestic and exotic tone woods.

Our guitars are hand built, excruciatingly well set up, and thus available in very limited quantities, but always one of a kind.

Check the For Sale page to see what is available. There is a 24 hour approval period, but return shipping is at buyer's expense.